Monday, October 23, 2006

the imaginary cards

Sweep wrote: I thought I sent you the cards...Didn't you say you printed them?

No, I didn't receive the cards. I did say that I printed them. Well, actually I said that I imagined them having already been printed, not quite the same as the real thing. And, I was just thinking about "laminated" cards, out of my price range at the moment, but I can think about the imaginary cards having been laminated, and I imagine having enough money to purchase them, still not the same as the real laminated cards and the real money to purchase them. Let me know.

I think you can FTP and drop 'em in here, if you so desire. Use the very secret password...

I've got an imaginary arrangement I am already working on for the imaginary cards because you said placement is important. Also, I've got a habit to break, and people say that I am so pure -- yeah, right. And, I want to work/play with this system with a project that I am starting. This is important. I like what is happening already with the course. You are very brave teaching this in the way that you are and on the internet! I am impressed.

I gleaned this info from the images. If I gleaned enough cards this way I could import them, do the layout and print just these cards, and maybe throw in a few more: Sailing, Shipwreck, Storm, Square, and, and, and the Norm card, no wait not the Norm card. I did say the Norm card. I imagined saying the Norm card. No not even that. You didn't read that.


Ecosystem (green)

Ecosystem (Level 4) Primary Reference Point

= outer group
green + red = inner group - Synergy Wheel
green + yellow = outer you - Flow Wheel
grey + blue = inner you - Choice Wheel
dull yellow + black = Value Card - 2.0


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following the outflow.

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