Thursday, January 11, 2007


There are four words today. The number four represents stability -- the pirate's ability to stab.


Captain Sweep is my mentor aboard this pirate ship. I am pulling cards and seeing what happens.


Evil evolving into something more useful. From inside the house, we are watching parts of the roof being blown away. We sit and watch as there isn't much we can do about the destruction of our home. And, the new openings allow in some light realization.


I am watching for what I call "the one-sided deal(s)." There are lots of traps. We need to write our own terms.


I've created a little program that deals up to six cards for the day from the Inflow Matrix. Large white monofont words on a blue background greet me -- computer blue. I am reducing a much larger vocabulary with a language tool I call machete. It's a mostly implied hacking tool to match and enliven.


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